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added on: January 17, 2023

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A Safe, Fast Way to Clean Dental Appliances
added on: November 14, 2021
Dr. Mark's Hygiene

Designed to clean, store, and protect all types of removable dental appliances, HyGenie was developed for five years by a group in Australia led by Dr. Mark Wotherspoon. The group sought cleaner, faster, safer options that did not require soaking in dirty cleansing solutions. A recent evaluation conducted by Pace… Read More…

Alginate Impression Techniques with Chromaclone by Ultradent
added on: July 16, 2021
Academy of Chairside Assisting

Alginate Impression Techniques An accurate impression is critical to ensure good appliance fit and minimal chairside adjustment. Impressions that are distorted will inhibit the positive seating for any appliance. Below are several areas to focus on when taking Alginate Impression to perfect your Alginate Impression Technique. Selecting an Impression Tray… Read More…

Managing Acid Erosion
added on: December 31, 2020
Academy of Chairside Assisting

Acid erosion has become a fairly common condition in recent years—mainly thanks to patient lifestyle choices. If not treated properly, it can lead to serious problems for your patients, causing irreversible damage that affects their quality of life. Because there is no universally accepted standard for clinical evaluation of acid… Read More…

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment: Apparel and Masks
added on: December 31, 2020
Academy of Chairside Assisting

In the dental practice, personal protective equipment and clothing—such as face masks, eyewear, gowns, and jackets—are essential for not only preventing contamination of street clothing but, most importantly, protecting the skin against exposure to blood and bodily fluids. Personal protective equipment creates a barrier between dental professionals’ skin and the… Read More…

Proper Mask Placement
added on: December 31, 2020
Academy of Chairside Assisting

Wearing a surgical mask is a necessity for many doctors, including dentists and surgeons. A surgical mask works in two ways—keeping the doctor’s germs from threatening the patient’s sensitive immune system, as well as keeping the doctor free of illness. In countries like Japan, surgical masks have become an everyday… Read More…

Opening The Door To Invisalign Treatment With Verbiage
added on: October 26, 2020
Academy of Chairside Assisting

I can’t be afforded – This is the reason why it should be done. It is less affordable to be done now that it is in a small stage and less expensive. The large the restoration, the more expensive it will become to restore. Prevention is the key to have… Read More…

Rubber Cup Polishing for Biofilm Control
added on: September 8, 2020
Academy of Chairside Assisting

Rubber cup polishing has been an effective method for completing prophylaxis and controlling biofilm growth, and on-going research has expanded dentistry’s knowledge regarding the formation, growth, development, behavior, and effects of biofilm. Further, material developments and the subsequent introduction of selective polishing performed at the clinician’s discretion may be appropriate… Read More…

White Spot Lesions: I am not just a patient, I am a client
added on: August 11, 2020
Academy of Chairside Assisting

By Jean Ocasio, CDA Our smiles are an essential aspect of our appearance. It is often the first thing someone notices when meeting a person for the first time. If your smile is flawed in some way, it’s easy to understand why you might be self-conscious. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t born… Read More…

Serving Patient’s Whitening Needs
added on: August 7, 2020
Academy of Chairside Assisting

The greatest benefit of whitening is to truly make a difference in patients’ lives. There are so many whitening products to choose from but to offer minimally invasive, cost-effective, and efficient materials, providing patients with the ability to improve their smiles, regardless of age or economic status. To fully implement… Read More…


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