In-Office or On The Road

Digital Scanning.

We are often asked by dentists and their teams how to integrate digital scanning into their busy schedules effectively. Digital scanning is an excellent tool for your practice and provides accurate, efficient scans to assist in treatment planning. We help your practice get over the hurdle of utilizing digital scanning by implementing a digital workflow with the modern tools available to perform consultations in a simplified manner. Whether your practice handles restorative, orthodontic, or implant cases, digital scanning can help your team be more productive, saving time, and increasing production. In contrast, both your practice and your patients benefit from improved treatment planning and a streamlined workflow.

Our Digital Designers now offer one on one immersive training for emerging practices who want to utilize the latest scanning technology in their practice. Providing each team member with extensive, role-specific training reduces the stress of seamlessly integrating scanning into their daily routine.

Our ACA training program consists of the following:

  • Building a solid understanding of the scanning system being utilized in your office plus software fundamentals, materials, and techniques for success
  • Establishing scanning specialists to make the patient experience smoother
  • Determining strategies to implant scanning in your practice permanently
  • Learning to delegate tasks during the patient visit for better efficiency
  • Utilizing scanning results to increase case acceptance and production
  • Free enrollment in the Academy of Chairside Assisting® online learning platform, a great tool, and resources for your entire team

Our designers work in practices just like yours every day, so we know what it takes to get your team scanning. We’ve watched significant transformations in many practices over the years, let us work with your team to improve the operations of your practice while creating a better patient experience.

Patient Photography.

Photography during treatment planning is the differentiator in every dental segment and dramatically contributes to increasing case acceptance in your practice. Team members who understand the importance of reviewing photos during patient presentations make your practice stand out. When you have Images that are blurred, off-center, not positioned correctly, or sloppy, patients become anxious. During this session, your team will learn how photography can transform your practice. Digital photography in your practice allows your team to build amazing relationships that will keep patients coming back for a lifetime.

Taking the right photos with proper lighting is just the start—we will teach your team all aspects of photography, no matter what equipment you choose to utilize. The results of this training will be immediately apparent when you compare the patient images before and after we visit your practice.

Our ACA training program consists of the following:

  • Employing strategies to improve case acceptance with digital photography
  • Selecting a set of standard images that enhance the appointment process
  • Building a system within your practice to ensure consistent communication
  • Positioning patients to achieve the best possible results every time
  • Transferring, printing, and storing images in a HIPAA compliant manner
  • Free enrollment in the Academy of Chairside Assisting® online learning platform, a great tool, and resources for your entire team

We will start by guiding your practice through a series of exercises proven to be effective in increasing production and patient satisfaction. Our training team has worked with hundreds of methods, just like yours, to change the way they see photography. We can customize a system around any piece of equipment that will take your practice to a new level!

Efficiency Training

Increase productivity and reduce stress in your practice when you eliminate treatment interruptions caused by disorganization. When you decrease the amount of time spent in a chair, you can increase the time spent on the things that matter. Learn how to get your practice back on track with our proven system that will save you time and money. Increasing office efficiency is possible when you let us help you create an organizational system that your team will be able to implement and maintain. Our efficiency experts will help to organize your office and train your team in your own office while also helping you meet infection control guidelines.

Why do you need an efficiency consultant? We will work with everyone on your team to design a system that works for the entire practice. With our extensive manufacturing partnerships, you will have access to all of the trays and storage systems needed to customize your training.

Our ACA training program consists of the following:

  • Setting up operatories for consistent tray access & procedural consistency
  • Color coordinating your system to reduce confusion among the team
  • Organization in the operatory, which makes patients feel more confident
  • Optimizing instruments and materials for optimal performance
  • Complimentary workbook on inventory control and safety compliance
  • More cost-effective supply ordering to reduce your materials spending
  • Free enrollment in the Academy of Chairside Assisting® online learning platform, a great tool, and resource for your entire team

We can help you run a profitable and health code compliant dental practice with proven systems that are easy to implement. Your team will be able to sustain the protocols with our innovative solutions for creating a highly organized and efficient practice with proper infection control. Reset your practice and get a fresh start with dental efficiency.


Increase your profitability and welcome a whole new selection of patients when your team is fully trained in orthodontics. Everyone in your office plays a unique role in maximizing these cases, so it’s critical that each team member is trained and ready to help patients achieve a healthier, straighter smile. Here’s what your team members can expect to gain from our training:

Treatment Coordinator

  • Conducting the Invisalign® consultation
  • Financial conversations from every role in the practice
  • Getting more patients to say yes to aligner therapy

The Hygienist

  • How to conduct an occlusal exam and utilization of digital images
  • Verbal skills to encourage compliance radiographic techniques for all types of x-rays proper verbiage in regards to orthodontics

The Dental Assistant

  • Utilization of digital photography and scanning
  • Impression techniques for PVS and digital scanning
  • Invisalign® troubleshooting: Utilizing Clincheck software, understanding tracking issues, accelerated devices and much more

Dental Assisting

The ideal chairside dental assistant must be current and knowledgeable in materials science and be proficient in the various step-by-step procedures that are now required to deliver state-of-the-art dentistry to the patient. Increase your artistic skill and satisfaction by learning about materials and techniques that can help deliver to the patient the best dentistry has to offer! This is one comprehensive course that every dental assistant needs to attend!

What you will learn:

  • The Concept of Complete Dentistry
  • Advanced Smile Design Isolation Techniques For Esthetic Dental Procedures
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Composite Mock Ups (Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, and Implants)
  • What to do if teeth are missing—Single tooth replacement
  • Methods Of Provisionalization For Partial And Full Coverage Restorations (Indirect and Direct Techniques)
  • Carving techniques for realistic anatomy and ideal occlusion
  • Techniques To Deliver Bonded Dental Restorations
  • Laboratory Communication For Esthetic Restorations
  • Proper Record Keeping: Making Your Chart Legally Correct
  • Rubber Dam Placement (3 Ideal Dam techniques)
  • Etch-Prime and Bond, Matrix placement for Direct Composites
  • Assisting Techniques (Preparation/Delivery)
  • Bleaching (In-Office and Take-Home)
  • Dental Materials Update: What’s New and Works Well


Become a whitening specialist in your practice! Increase your whitening business and give your patients the bright, white smile they want. The Becoming the Whitening Specialist Course will teach you how to find the perfect whitening procedure for each of your patients and how to help them reach their whitening goals. This course will cover the practical techniques for both in-office and take-home whitening and how to include whitening in an existing treatment plan.

Educational Objectives:

  • Practical techniques for in-office and take-home whitening
  • How to do a whitening consultation and understand who is a candidate for each whitening procedure
  • The differences between carbamide and hydrogen and what type of whitening the patient needs
  • Proper home-care instructions and tips to achieve patients’ goals
  • Contributing factors associated with tooth discoloration
  • Hands-on demonstrations to improve whitening skills
  • Impressions for home whitening trays
  • Pouring and trimming models
  • Fabrication of whitening trays


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