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Training Your Team.

Who do we help? Well, everyone! Relying on expert advice and hands-on learning to train your dental team affects everyone in your office — all the way down to your patients. When you and your team are trained in the very latest dentistry solutions that will help your patients and (better yet) grow your business. Once you experience the unique, bottom-line impact formal training can have on your dental or dental specialist office, you’ll see how easy and affordable it is to turn a novice or newbie into a certified, knowledgeable dental professional your entire team can rely on every day.

When you partner with the Academy of Chairside Assisting™ (ACA), there’s so much more than you or a team member completing a class and earning some continuing education credits. We believe in connecting with you, helping you become an even more educated and accommodating dental health resource to patients of all ages.

What’s best is you’ve got control over how you or your team are able to learn and grow thanks to our variety of ways to earn credits. We’ve found that everyone responds differently to receiving new information and how they grasp a new skill or technique. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to choose the best, most sensible way for you to learn. The ACA has a complete video library developed with learners who work better on an independent basis. They even feature unique online assessments to ensure students are understanding the new information and feel confident using their new skills at the office. If you’re an assistant who loves their reference books, check out our entire library of e-books that allow you to explore at a comfortable, personal pace. Whatever skill you’re excited to learn or what new technology you can’t wait to try out, the ACA can help.





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