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Multi-Practice Groups

Consistency is key when you’re in charge of a large dental service group. Day in and day out you’re relying on the competency and skill of a variety of assistants with different personalities across all of your locations. There’s also the dreaded turnover that makes having consistency kind of tricky. That’s because having high turnover means you always find yourself training new people. With a number of locations under your guidance, that can be a challenge when you’re aiming for that goal of reliability and dependability from your team members.

Are you an office manager for a dental service organization (DSO) who’s nearly at wit’s end? Do you feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of turnover and inconsistency where doctors are upset and it trickles down to your patients? Your entire organization is better than that, and you know it. Your goal is to provide quality care for a large patient population and you can’t do that without a knowledgeable, well-oiled team who’s on the same page. You’re an administrator and you’re amazing, but you can’t do it all and you shouldn’t have to. Training a solid team that can represent your DSO as a solid brand is something we can take off your plate, today. The Academy of Chairside Assisting® (ACA) makes it easy to get started. We have trained over 100 Multi-Practice such as:

Heartland, Allied Dental, American Dental Partners, Cordental Group, Deca Dental, Dental Brands, Dental Care Alliance, Great Expressions, Midwest Dental, Pacific Dental Services, Smile Brands and many more

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