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Talented team members yearn for a practice where they can attain better opportunities now and in the future. Helping the modern dental assistant expand their vision, capabilities, and accomplishments chairside is a great way for dentists to contribute to their dental assistant’s overall growth. This growth won’t be limited to technical skills development, but rather will expand into every area of their lives as they are empowered by greater utilization of their strengths.

Our Excellence in Dental Assisting class will inspire dental assistants to be integral members of the comprehensive diagnostic and restorative team. With more than 50 experienced trainers representing every facet of dental practice—dentists, hygienists, patient coordinators, and dental assistants—our courses deliver a truly well-rounded and experienced perspective for maximum educational value.

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“Shannon’s lectures on dental assisting are unrivaled on the U.S. dental circuit. She speaks enthusiastically about her experiences… while never forgetting her primary role as a clinical assistant and her love for her patients.” – Mickey Bernstein, Accredited Member and Past President, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


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