A Safe, Fast Way to Clean Dental Appliances

added on: November 14, 2021
Dr. Mark's Hygiene

Designed to clean, store, and protect all types of removable dental appliances, HyGenie was developed for five years by a group in Australia led by Dr. Mark Wotherspoon. The group sought cleaner, faster, safer options that did not require soaking in dirty cleansing solutions. A recent evaluation conducted by Pace Brinker’s evaluations team examined the opinions of 5 clinicians

from different practices around the United States after making Dr. Mark’s HyGenie available to several patients. The clinicians, on average, provided HyGenie to 14 patients.

Evaluation Results


Germs thrive in moist, warm, dark environments; cleaning and safely storing removable appliances is critical for patients’ oral health. According to a study published by the Academy of General Dentistry, mouthguards can breed life-threatening bacteria, yeast, and mold. When used and stored as they usually are, they transmit these disease-causing organisms.

Ease of Use

As you hand the patient their appliance, show them how to care for it using the HyGenie system. This will help with patient adherence and may extend the life of the appliance. Include Dr. Mark’s HyGenie in the price of the appliance.

Hold the bottom handle (blue) and device body (clear) in one hand. Turn the top handle (white) in either direction until it clicks into place. Take off the top.

Place the appliance into the bottom brush. Paired orthodontic aligners can be placed together, with one facing upward and one facing downward.

Line up the arrows found on the top handle and transparent body, as shown. Gently press down until the handle “sits” into place. Twist it in either direction, and it will “click and lock” closed.

Holding your HyGenie over a basin, squeeze 1 to 2 generous drops of Dr. Mark’s DentalFresh® into the device through the perforations and apply water.

Rotate the top and bottom handles in opposite directions—alternate top and bottom washing by holding one handle in place and rotating the opposite handle. Wash for 30 to 45 seconds or until DentalFresh foam thoroughly covers your appliance.

Rinse the HyGenie under gently running water, rotating the handles in opposite directions until all DentalFresh foam is rinsed away and water runs clear through the device.

Now that your dental appliance is clean, fresh, and ready, you can wear it or store it safely in Dr. Mark’s HyGenie until you need it next.

Product Evaluation: Dr. Mark’s HyGenie

The Academy of Chairside Assisting recently reviewed 6 product evaluators in dental practice who provided HyGenie to over 20 patients, including patients who use retainers, aligners, splints, nightguards, sports mouthguards, sleep appliances, and dentures.

What is included in each kit:

Appliance kit includes:

HyGenie device
DentalFresh cleansing gel (50 mL)
Denture kit includes:

HyGenie device
DentalFresh cleansing gel (50 mL)
SureGrip brush
Patient Satisfaction Evaluation Results:

All the clinicians participating in the evaluation agreed that Dr. Mark’s HyGenie provided their patients with a great way to clean their removable appliances. HyGenie improved oral health and the smell, look, and life span of the removable appliance. Of the evaluators, 73% utilized the HyGenie for clear aligner care, 15% for nightguard and sleep appliances, and 12% for partial and denture care. Additionally, 98% of the patients noted a significant difference between the aligner care cleaner they were using and Dr. Mark’s HyGenie.