From Our Side Of The Chair Dental Assistant Course with GC America

added on: November 14, 2021

From Our Side of the Chair

Speaker Shannon Pace Brinker CDA  CDD

The ideal chairside dental assistant must be current and knowledgeable in materials science and proficient in the various step-by-step procedures required to deliver state-of-the-art dentistry to the patient. In addition, increase your artistic skill and satisfaction by learning about materials and techniques that can help deliver to the patient the best dentistry has to offer! This is one comprehensive course that every dental assistant needs to attend!


What You Will Learn…


  • Advanced Smile Design Isolation Techniques For Esthetic Dental Procedures.
  • Digital Photography
  • Impression Techniques for excellent records
  • Methods Of Provisionalization For Partial And Full Coverage Restorations (Indirect and Direct Techniques)
  • Techniques To Deliver Bonded Dental Restorations.
  • Laboratory Communication For Esthetic Restorations.
  • Etch-Prime and Bond, Matrix placement for Direct Composites
  • Assisting Techniques (Preparation/Delivery)
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Composite Mock-Ups (Veneers,