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With the myriad of esthetic dentistry materials and techniques available today, dental assistants need to be more familiar than ever with all aspects of the clinical practice. Each individual’s understanding of the treatment goal and unique treatment considerations is essential to obtain the desired outcome.

We contribute before, during and after the treatment process to foresee potential complications to make the process predictable and achieve highly-satisfying results for everyone, as well as the patient. If you are a dental assistant or dentist looking for dental assistant training for your team. Check out our ACAcampus E-Learning or In Office Training. The ACA gives perspectives from both side of the chair.

The ACA provides the ongoing education, resources and support you need, because we want to elevate the entire profession and make YOU a more valuable and empowered team member. 

You have something inside you, We'll help bring it out!



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Our DA Experts all work in practices just like you. We do not take you away from your practice, but enhance your Chairside abilities. Each ACA trainer trains on their days out of the office, sharing knowledge and experiences with other dental assistants who need help with their clinical skills. The ACA® is always looking for dental experts and if you are one of those, click here and send us your information so we can set up a time for an interview.

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We are a Nationally Recognized AGD Pace Provider of Continuing Education