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By and for dental assistants, the ACA is your new professional home; we elevate the entire profession making you a more valuable and team member providing better patient results.

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Looking to advance your career as a dental assistant? Then you’re in the right place. When you join the Academy of Chairside Assisting (ACA), you have the opportunity to learn from the most well-known dental assistant in the country, Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA and her experienced team of dental professionals. You’ll sharpen your skills and truly become the assistant your dentist can’t live without.


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Dental Assistant Training.

Designed for the modern dental assistant to have complete understanding of esthetic procedures in order to provide patients with beautiful, functionally correct dentistry and achieve personal and professional growth. Possibilities are endless for the dental assistant to grow, achieve and expand our capabilities and accomplishments. When educated and trained in technical aspects of the restorative practice, dental assistants become partners to the dentist as well as better communicators and advocates on behalf of the dental patient.

Dental Team Training.

This course was designed to help the dental team develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills, patient interaction techniques, and case presentation approaches that can help them be successful when delivering exceptional patient consultations and case presentations that, ultimately, can be used to increase case acceptance. When dental team members build unique and trusting relationships with patients, they will be more likely to share their personal feelings, goals, and concerns about their oral health and appearance.




We all know the importance of partnership in conjunction with innovation. We provide education that no other partner will deliver.

Why? WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT US? Shannon with over 30 year experience in the dental field, was a product evaluator for Reality Publishing and Dental Advisor. Taught by the best for what to look for!

Most manufacturers are interested in ideas from the Dentist or Hygienist. Remember we (the Dental Assistant) are the ones that place the orders for your products. We provide our partners in education training on what is important to the dentist and deliver your products straight into the doctor’s hands, with insight of what the dentist needs in order to deliver dentistry that is comfortable, beautiful and long lasting.

Let Shannon Pace Brinker, and team of educators give your sales team the knowledge to put your products and equipment to the their hands. Shannon taught many dental sales team on what the practice needs to know about their products.

Companies such as: 3M, Kulzer, Ultradent, SDI, Komet, Dentsply Sirona and many more with perspectives



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Where open-minded growth and dynamic education are prized.

The ACA has so many benefits to take advantage of designed to help you learn, grow and share in your profession.

In addition to networking opportunities, support, and encouragement,  the ACA will enable dental assistants to achieve their goals through educational resources that will enhance our careers.

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