We’re the Academy of Chairside Assisting, and we’re the newest way to reach dentistry’s most passionate and committed assistants.

Yes, we’re the new kid on the block, but we have a long and distinguished pedigree with decades of combined experience in educating and advancing the dental assisting profession.

The ACA's Mission is to promote a higher level of education for the chairside assistant by creating educational pathways for dental assistants elevating their skills by learning, earning, and maintaining credentials.


The Academy of Chairside Assisting is the best professional home that provides ongoing education and resources. We are here to elevate and empower.


You have something inside you;  We'll help to bring it out!



Become Our Team of DA Expert Trainers

Our DA Experts all work in practices just like you. We do not take you away from your practice but enhance your Chairside abilities. Each ACA trainer trains on their days out of the office, sharing knowledge and experiences with other dental assistants who need help with their clinical skills.

The ACA® is always looking for dental experts and if you are one of those, click here and send us your information so we can set up a time for an interview.

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We are a Nationally Recognized AGD Pace Provider of Continuing Education