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Forbes magazine recently identified dental assisting as the No. 1 best job for people under 25 years old, it is more important than ever for dental assistants to continuously elevate their skills and seek professional certification. Moving forward, each issue will remain dedicated to creating synergy among dental assisting professionals. We will strive to accomplish this by showcasing professional excellence and sharing information about products, techniques, and continuing education opportunities that enable dental assistants to enhance their skills and enjoy a fulfilling career.

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For more than 25 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege to be a practicing dental assistant, lecturer, and educator within our profession. During that time, it has been exciting to witness all of the new and expanded roles and responsibilities that so many of my dental assistant colleagues have chosen to embrace. The synergy we create through our live trainings is unprecedented, and it recognizes the many ways that dental assistants support dentists and their patients in achieving successful treatments, experiencing efficiency and comfort, and maintaining excellence in oral care. 

About Shannon Pace Brinker

Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA is a national and international speaker and published author of over 300 articles for various publications. She has been a practicing dental assistant for over 25 years and works for Dr. Robert Korman in Virginia Beach, VA. She has taught over 2,000 classes on dental assisting technique and over 60,000 dental assistants over the last 6 years alone. Shannon has taught at the Nash Institute, Dawson Academy and Spear Education, instructing through both lectures and hands on programs. She has written over 300 articles in regards to Clinical Application and has a current column in Dental Product Reports for the team evaluation of dental products and materials. She has her own publication for dental assistants with partnership of Schein Dental called “Side by Side”. She has started one of the first online platforms designated for dental assistants called the Academy of Chairside Assisting®. Shannon is an active member of the AACD and was the first auxiliary to sit on the AACD Board of Directors and was awarded the Rising Star Award. Shannon was has also been recognized as one of Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Clinicians for the last 10 years, Dental Products Report 25 most influential women in dentistry, the Lucy Hobbs Award, Sunstar Butler achievement award and Dr. Bicuspid’s Dental Assistant Educator of the year.  

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