Utilizing Casettes

added on: May 31, 2020

Among the challenges facing dental practices is ensuring infection control compliance while simultaneously remaining efficient, organized, and productive. Because patient treatment greatly depends on using appropriate instruments, dental assistants and hygienists often struggle to keep up with instrument processing. However, their time is best spent providing exceptional care.

By some accounts, an estimated 95% to 97% of dental practices don’t feel they use organizational systems for their instruments as effectively as they could. As a result, time and energy—and therefore profitability—can be wasted before, during, and after clinical procedures. Therefore, investing time in organizing instrumentation is a worthwhile and profitable endeavor, since it allows dental team members to focus on timely and efficient patient care.

While identifying and implementing the ideal instrument organization and sterilization system into a dental practice might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. When coordinated cassettes and trays are incorporated into the practice for organizing, sterilizing, and preparing instruments for a variety of treatments, the day-to-day workflow can become streamlined, predictable, and cost-effective. Among the products available to achieve ideal practice organization are E-Z Jett® Cassettes and B-Lok tray and cover by (Zirc Company, Buffalo, MN).