Profluorid Varnish

Easy and tasteful white transparent 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish.

Product Summary

Unit-dose blister packs (i.e., .40mL unit dose applicators) include a pre-filled well and an applicator brush that are ideal for clinicians who prefer a one-time application. They are also suitable for clinicians where regulations require unit-dose treatments with all materials packaged together.

To apply Profluorid by Voco using the unit dose/blister pack technique, first eliminate any excessive moisture and saliva from the areas being treated. Open the blister pack by peeling back and removing the foil lid. Lightly dry the area to be treated and, using the disposable delivery brush, lightly stir the varnish. Use a painting motion to apply a thin, smooth layer of Profluorid Varnish, covering the entire surface to be treated as a thin film. Allow cheeks, lips, and saliva to contact the teeth, or gently flow cool water over the teeth. Instruct patient to avoid hard food, alcohol, brushing, or flossing for the next 4 hours after application.


Fluoride varnish is a proven approach to help reduce the incidence of caries among our high caries risk patients. Considering that fluoride varnish application is painless, it can be an ideal and beneficial method for preventing and managing caries for many people. Products like Profluorid Varnish by Vocowill help to ensure delivery of this preventive measure by enabling ease of application and maximized fluoride release. Additionally, because it requires less application time and creates less patient discomfort, it is likely to be accepted by more patients resulting in even greater overall caries prevention.

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