Pro-Matrix™ Matrix Bands

Pro-Matrix™ Single-use Matrix Bands represent the next generation matrix band to meet the evolving needs of today’s dental professionals when placing both amalgam and composite restorations.

Product Summary

Available in two sizes (e.g., wide is 6 mm; narrow is 4.5 mm), the sophisticatedly designed 0.038-mm thick matrix band simplifies procedures by enabling easier placement and improved visibility that ultimately save valuable preparation time.

Pre-assembled, it features a sliding band deflector and smooth tightening mechanism, making the circumferential band suitable for large and small restorations. When required, a wedge may be used for composite fillings to slightly separate the teeth and, when the wedge is removed, the teeth close back to contact. The Pro-Matrix matrix band, which is made from recyclable materials, is intended for single use, which protects against cross-contamination. The Pro-Matrix matrix band should be disposed of like any matrix band in appropriate sharps containers.

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