MI Paste One

Helping Patients to Protect Their Teeth Against Cavities, RebuildTooth Enamel & Relieve Sensitivity in One Step

Product Summary

To help patients prevent, repair, and/or manage these oftentimes interrelated dental problems at home, chairside dental assistants can recommend a recently introduced dentifrice (MI Paste® ONE, GC America, Inc.) that combines the caries prevention of sodium fluoride (i.e., 1,100 ppm), the sensitivity relief of potassium nitrate, and the enamel remineralization of 10% RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) in one toothpaste. MI Paste One is a toothpaste designed to replace patients’ current product, providing the same preventative and reparative capabilities as MI Paste Plus®, but in a single application. As part of the MI Paste® family of products, MI Paste One is a safe, natural, and effective way for dental assistants to help patients strengthen their teeth, protect their enamel, experience near-instant sensitivity relief, and remineralize tooth structure for a better looking smile.

Now, rather than brushing their teeth first and then applying MI Paste® or MI Paste Plus, patients simply brush with MI Paste One. Each time patients brush for 2 minutes with the cool mint-flavored MI Paste One, they’ll be effectively cleaning their teeth without harsh abrasives or sodium lauryl sulphate. They’ll also simultaneously be applying the ideal combination of bio-available calcium, phosphate, and fluoride to help protect and repair tooth structure—the same levels contained in MI Paste Plus—all in one easy step.

The backbones of MI Paste® One’s multiple benefits are its naturally derived milk protein, casein phosphopeptide (CPP), and amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), both of which deliver bio-available minerals and neutralize acid challenges. CPP-ACP promotes remineralization while simultaneously inhibiting demineralization when it contacts, combines with, and stabilizes fluoride, creating the ideal source of ions for building fluorapatite—a key component of natural tooth structure.3 MI Paste One delivers a combination of CPP-ACP and fluoride directly to the teeth, including tooth lesions. Pastes and toothpastes containing a combination of CPP-ACP and fluoride have been shown effective in remineralizing enamel lesions, including white spot lesions.12-14

Additionally, because the CPP-ACP in MI Past One neutralizes acid in the oral environment caused by bacteria, it thereby helps to buffer at-risk teeth from acid assaults and prevent cavities. In fact, research has shown that the combination of fluoride and CPP-ACP is effective in significantly reducing the damage to teeth caused by acid attacks, particularly in the case of permanent teeth.15 CPP and ACP also penetrate into biofilms and enamel and bind to tooth surfaces to localize bio-available minerals like fluoride, making MI Paste One ideal for use by patients suffering from hypersensitivity, caries risk, white spot lesions, sensitivity from whitening, dry mouth syndrome, and tooth erosion and wear.

Ease of Use

MI Paste One is easy to use, since its two-in-one application (e.g., fluoride toothpaste, CPP-ACP) is achieved with tooth brushing. In fact, patients brush twice a day with a pea-sized amount of MI Paste One instead of regular toothpaste for 2 minutes, expectorate, and do not rinse. They should refrain from eating for 30 minutes. The cool, refreshing mint flavor is also favorable for patients.

Gentle, High Cleaning Efficacy

MI Paste One demonstrates a consistency similar to regular toothpaste and spreads well in the mouth during brushing. Its excellent and mild foaming characteristics help to reduce discomfort after brushing, even without rinsing. Because MI Paste One is designed to be gentle to teeth, it does not contain harsh abrasives or sodium lauryl sulphate. However, its foaming action and fine abrasive particles (Relative Dentin Abrasivity [RDA] of 64) achieve higher cleaning efficacy than competitive products.


For patients prone to sensitivity, high caries risk, and enamel wear and erosion, MI Paste One is a two-in-one product that could replace their current toothpaste for daily brushing. Based on its efficacy for recommended at-home tooth cleaning, combined with its potent anti-cavity, desensitizing, and remineralization effects, chairside dental assistants can feel confident recommending MI Paste One to patients in their practice as an ideal alternative to their regular toothpaste to help improve their oral health. What’s more, making MI Paste One readily available for purchase in your practice helps promote its use for proper oral health care by eliminating the need for them to travel elsewhere for it.

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