Dental Assistant Training

We firmly believe that complete, quality, predictable dentistry is the cornerstone of clinical and professional excellence. By mastering the concepts of clinical application, dentists are empowered to create beautiful, functional dentistry in a time-effective, predictable, and lucrative manner. However, what can often be overlooked in the quest for command of functional, predictable dentistry is the proper manner in which to implement newly learned knowledge with dental assistants to ensure they understand—and apply—the same concepts. In fact, most dentists fail to realize that a well-trained assistant is often the key to a successful practice.

Designed to provide comprehensive, onsite training for your dental assistant, In-Office Training will teach clinical application for all areas of restorative dentistry for a productive, complete dental practice by offering you a one-of-a-kind service: course customization.

Shannon Pace Brinker CDA, a renowned dental assistant, will customize a lesson plan that fine-tunes your staff’s most glaring needs, providing them with the skills and enthusiasm to properly implement complete dentistry and go above and beyond your patients’ expectations.

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