Crest Pro-Health HD

In our practice, the chief complaint of our seven hygienists is that patients do not spend sufficient time brushing their teeth,and the biofilm left behind creates a conversation most don’t want to have.

Product Summary

Fortunately, dental assistants are finding the new Crest Pro-Health HDtoothpaste to be one of the best toothpastes to be introduced to dental practices. Based on use with 13 patients that participated in a practice product review, the 2-step system looks very promising. The 2-part Crest Pro-Health HD system combines a cleanser and a whitener, which is leading all our patients to want to make the switch. The Step 1 Purifying Cleanser helps strip away plaque. Patients don’t rinse, but instead proceed straight to Step 2, which is the Perfecting Gel that polishes and imparts a whitening appearance to teeth. The taste is great, too! Our hygienists are sold and, so far, all the patients feel they have achieved a whiter smile appearance,which is an added benefit. From my own personal experience, since being placed in aligners with 22 hours of wear time, I felt my teeth were not clean. Once I switched to Crest Pro-Health HD, I know this product has made a difference for me.

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