Christie Scott Mikolajczyk

Christie Scott Mikolajczyk, CDA, RDA, EDDA

Getting Ahead and Giving Back 

In 2001, Christie Scott Mikolajczyk was an 18-year-old in Bowling Green, Kentucky, when she began her career in dentistry as a dental laboratory technician through an apprenticeship at Advanced Dental Studio. Three years later, the offer of an in-office mentorship piqued her interest in dental assisting, and she’s never looked back. 

In fact, Christie credits the guidance of her mentors with helping her not only maintain her basic dental assisting certifications (RDA), but also expanding her skills as she pursued and received additional credentials. And, over the years, she has enhanced and broadened her skills, assuming every invaluable role of the dental team, except dentist and dental hygienist. 

“I’ve attended a multitude of continuing education classes, and I’ve discovered that my favorite specialty areas are occlusion, implant dentistry, full-mouth rehabilitation and smile design, oral surgery, removable prosthetics, and orthodontics,” Christie says as she recalls her advanced studies in the field of dentistry. 

Christie’s credentialed journey began when she received her certification as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 2005. Two years later, she became a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) through the Dental Assistant National Board and has maintained her certification ever since.  


Christie has also stayed very busy helping other dental assisting professionals further their careers, and she’s been dedicated to giving back to others in need of quality dental care. At Assist to Succeed Southern Kentucky, Christie educates and mentors students in a range of basic dental assisting functions, in addition to advanced and expanded dental assisting duties. In her spare time, she volunteers at the local free dental clinic, and travels volunteering with the “Smiles from the Heart” program to provide free dentistry to those in need.

Her day-to-day role at Briarwood Dental Care in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant, where she works alongside Dr. Kevin Clemmons and his wife Natalie Clemmons, RDH.  Since 2006, she has also been a proud Dental Forensics First Responder in the Barren River Area Development District medical reserve corps. 

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