Should You Brush or Floss First? New Study Suggests the Ideal Sequence for Removing Plaque

Flossing before brushing may reduce dental plaque and help maximize the benefits of cavity-fighting fluoride CHICAGO – AUGUST 29, 2018 – Researchers have found that flossing before brushing may be the ideal sequence for the most thorough removal of dental plaque. The report is featured in the Journal of ... [read more]

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry to Pilot Dental Team Certificate Program

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) will pilot a dental team certificate program during their 34th Annual AACD Scientific Session, April 18-21, 2018, in Chicago. The Team Certificate program will educate dental team members on essential skills for assisting with cosmetic dentistry patients. These essentials include: communication skills, ... [read more]


Disorganization costs time and money. Because time is money, every moment you spend looking for dental materials and coping with interruptions takes you away from what is most important–the patient. Having one of our EFFICIENCY CONSULTANTS come into your practice can reduce stress, increase productivity and meet infection control guidelines. WHY ... [read more]

Kulzer Acquires Exclusive Rights to Market ReLeaf and LinguaGuard Products

Kulzer has acquired the rights to become the exclusive marketer of Innovative Dental Technologies’ ReLeaf and LinguaGuard product lines. The products will be sold through Kulzer’s current network of dental distributors. ReLeaf is an HVE system that connects to existing dental vacuum systems and provides hands-free dental suction during procedures. It allows ... [read more]

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