Ivory ReLeaf

ReLeaf has the ability to empower both the patient and the practitioner by allowing hands-free suction while providing continuous comfort. Product Summary A new, innovative device that assists practitioners with evacuation, retraction, and maintaining a dry field during scaling, polishing, and restorative procedures. It allows for hands free suction ... [read more]

Zirc Organized Systems

Are your materials often hard to access during procedures? The goal of an organized, efficient, calm dental office is within reach. Product Summary Zirc has the tools you need to manage your materials and easily store, access, and clean your instruments. Staff and patients alike will appreciate a streamlined, ... [read more]

Eyespecial CII Camera

Superior and simplified photographic equipment with cutting-edge and innovative abilities are a need, not a want, in today’s dental practices. The EyeSpecial CII is revolutionizing the way photography is used in dental practices and laboratories. Its intuitive design and features contribute to ease-of-use, accuracy, and precision when capturing images ... [read more]

Anutra Medical

Anutra Medical is revolutionizing local anesthetic delivery by coupling proven science with ground-breaking innovations to transform a practitioner’s efficiency and a patient’s experience. Product Summary Crafted by practitioners for practitioners, the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System is designed to be a sleek and simple-to-use dispensing system that will streamline ... [read more]

Opalescence® Boost PF 40%

Opalescence Boost is a power whitening gel for medical in-office use only. Product Summary It is applied by the dentist for whitening one or more teeth, parts of a tooth, and/or for accelerated chairside whitening techniques. Opalescence Boost is also used on nonvital teeth, including in-office intracoronal bleaching. And ... [read more]

Cranberry Carbon® Mask

Cool black masks offer ASTM Level 3 protection. Product Summary Carbon® Face Masks offer ASTM Level 3 protection with high fluid resistance and greater than 99% BFE/PFE at 0.1 micron. Quad-Fold® design provides greater comfort with 15% more breathing volume. Nose and chin adjustment strips for better fit and


Keeping our teeth for life is tricky (and rare) in our world full of piña coladas and other sugary temptations. Floss the teeth you want to keep! Product Summary Typical flosses are smooth and flat. They slip. They slide. Experience Cocofloss – the loofah for your smile! Hundreds of ... [read more]

Cranberry Carbon® Nitrile Gloves

Carbon® Nitrile gloves feature distinct black color to minimize visible stains during use, enhanced fingertip texture for superior handling and increased control. Product Summary 200-count Saver Pack reduces storage space and packaging waste. Distinct black color minimizes the appearance of stains Fingertip texture provides superior handling and increased control ... [read more]


Shofu Bur Butler for Laboratory or Implant Placement is the fully autoclavable silicone bur block with a clear lid that will hold CA, FG, HP, and short shank burs securely in place, eliminating the risk of spilling. Product Summary Mix and match the shanks to suit your clinical needs. ... [read more]

Chromaclone 5-Day Alginate

In your busy dental office, every second counts. Every extra minute you save lets you breathe a little easier. Product Summary With Chromaclone you’ll get more than a few extra minutes–you’ll get a few extra days. That’s because Chromaclone’s new formulation offers a full five days to pour your ... [read more]

Optim Wipes

  OPTIM 33TB – one step disinfectant cleaner — fast & convenient with a patented technology designed to deliver better cleaning and faster disinfection results (active ingredient 0.5% hydrogen peroxide). Product Summary The OPTIM Advantage Fast contact time 1 minute bactericidal & virucidal claim 30 second sanitizer 5 minute ... [read more]

Tempit LC

Tempit Moisture-Activated Temporary Filling and Sealing Material, 30 Product Summary Tempit Moisture-Activated Temporary Filling and Sealing Material, 30 – .35 Gm. Prefilled Tips. Ideal for endo access openings and short-term temporaries. Moisture-activated, sets in 5 minutes or less. Contains calcium sulfate and zinc oxide. Visit Centrix

Black Head Pore Strip

Blackhead removal Pore Strips mask made from carbon, bamboo, minerals and natural extracts. Product Summary Deep cleans your facial skin Apply for 15 to 20 minutes Use two times per week 3 packs will last you 1 week 7 packs will last you 2 – 3 weeks 10 packs

Cartridge Transfers by Practicon

Everyone has those almost empty impression material cartridges that they do not know what to do with—not enough to take a new impression but too wasteful to throw out. Don’t throw them away! Product Summary With an improved, form fitting design, 1:1 Refill-Ease Cartridge Transfer Connectors allow you to ... [read more]

Dentsply Integrity TempGrip Cement

Integrity TempGrip Temporary Crown & Bridge Cement is a zinc-oxide, noneugenol cement with an automix syringe delivery. It provides high compressive and flexural strength, along with smooth removal, as it stays in the crown when the provisional is removed. A syringe refill package contains: •2 Syringes (9g each) •20 ... [read more]

Ultradent Ultrapak Retraction Cord

Ultrapak cord is made of 100% cotton, knitted into thousands of tiny loops to form long, interlocking chains. This unique knitted design exerts a gentle, continuous outward force following placement, as the knitted loops seek to open. Product Summary Optimal tissue displacement occurs in 3–8 minutes. Ultrapak E is ... [read more]

Ultradent Valo Grand

The VALO Grand curing light features everything you’ve come to love from the VALO curing light family, but with a 50% bigger lens. The 12 mm lens is designed to easily cover a 10 mm molar for quick and effective curing. The power button on the underside allows for more ... [read more]

Xantasil by Kulzer

Xantasil® is a new addition-curing elastomeric alginate substitute impression material for anatomical impressions ensuring significantly improved handling and dimensional stability compared to traditional alginates. Compatible with the Dynamix speed mixer. Download Product Information

Composi-Tight WedgeWands

he anatomical, adaptable WedgeWands® were created from a “wish list” of performance features collected from dentists. WedgeWands are a simple, straight-forward solution to the difficult task of achieving proper seal and separation during dental procedures. Product Summary Garrison has taken another step forward in improving the ease to achieve tight, ... [read more]

Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Ultra Adaptive Wedges

Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ Wedges fuse two materials together to produce the perfect combination of adaptability and retention. Superior Adaptability – Only Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ wedges have Soft-Face™ technology. A soft, rubberized material is fused to the firm plastic core. The wedge gently molds itself to root irregularities as you insert ... [read more]

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