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Founded by Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA CDD, and a team of certified dental assistants from across the United States, the Academy of Chairside Assisting® (ACA) is the first organization to provide dental assistants with a comprehensive platform that encompasses all aspects of their multi-dimensional profession.

Clearly, as clinical procedures in dentistry continue to expand, transform, and improve, the role of the dental assistant has continued to evolve even further as well. The dynamics of dentistry require dental assistants to learn and apply new evidence-based models that result in conservative treatments and responsible esthetics. Delivering state-of-the-art quality care demands that dental assistants embrace working with new next-generation nanotechnology materials, advanced digital technologies, and higher levels of communication with dental team members and patients.

The main goal of the ACA® is to promote a higher level of education for the chairside assistant and focus on enabling dental assistant attendees to exchange new ideas and receive meaningful, interdisciplinary, and actionable information on the latest in clinical procedures, materials, and chairside techniques.


The purpose of the Academy of Chairside Assisting® (ACA) is to maintain a standard of excellence allowing and pursuing opportunities for dental assistants to achieve their full potential in chairside assisting.

In addition to the networking opportunities, support, and encouragement from other professional peers, the ACA® will enable dental assistants to achieve their goals through educational resources and benefits that can enhance their careers. Members value sharing knowledge, the spirit of professional camaraderie, and engaging with the community. Membership in the Academy of Chairside Assisting® is awarded to assistants and students who demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of care and advancement in the field.

For more information, or to become a membercontact us or email info@chairsideassisting.com.

Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA CDD


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