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For more than 25 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege to that time; it has been exciting to witness all of the new and expanded roles and responsibilities that so many of my dental assistant colleagues have chosen to embrace. It has also been amazing to experience how Henry Schein supports and values dental assistants as integral dental team members. That is why I am honored to introduce, The Academy of Chairside Assisting® (ACA) online and live dental assistant training, started by Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA CDD ACE, and her team of dental assisting experts. It is the first organization to provide dental assistants with a comprehensive platform that features practical and relevant content written specifically by, for, and about dental assistants, including products and techniques that could help them to elevate their skills and professionalism throughout their careers. And it is all based on the experienced perspective of your peers. The synergy we hope to create is unprecedented and will recognize the many ways that dental assistants support dentists and their patients in achieving successful treatments, experiencing efficiency and comfort, and maintaining excellence in oral care. We consistently apply our skills and talents to properly and expertly prepare patients and dentists for procedures and ready the dental equipment and materials that enhance the treatments we collectively help to provide. Our work sets the foundation for many treatments, and we are closely involved with patient care. Therefore, it is not surprising that our duties inherently find us striving to stay abreast of product and material developments, in addition to tracking and ordering inventory. Forbes magazine recently identified dental assisting as the No. 1 best job for people under 25 years old; it is more important than ever for dental assistants to elevate their skills and continuously seek professional certification. Moving forward, the ACA is dedicated to creating synergy among dental assisting professionals. We will strive to accomplish this by showcasing professional excellence and sharing information about products, techniques, and continuing education opportunities that enable dental assistants to enhance their skills and enjoy a fulfilling career. Thank you for your continued pursuit of dental assisting excellence on behalf of everyone from the Academy of Chairside Assisting. With warm regards, Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD.



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